The best tours and activities to get to know Pedasí completely.

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Pedasí is full of life, nature and flavor. To demonstrate this we have organized all these activities.

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Our tour throughout Panama includes the following activities in Pedasí:

  • Visit to San José Artisans
  • Isla Iguana / Pedasí-Venao Beach Tour (according to the season)
  • Whale Watching Tour (sighting is not guaranteed, most likely time between June and September)
  • Manglar de Cañas Tour
  • Eco-Venao Trail
  • Turtle Watching Tour (sighting is not guaranteed, most likely time between July and November)

San José Artisans Visit

Discover the tradition of Panamanian artisans from the Azuero peninsula. You will visit the workshops that have survived the passage of time, transmitting the crafts and culture of Azuero from generation to generation.

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Isla Iguana Tour

An ideal destination for the whole family where you can observe many species that live here, such as iguanas, frigates, pelicans and countless birds.

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Whale Watching Tour

An unforgettable experience. Experience the feeling of being in close contact with the largest mammal on the planet, as well as dolphins and sharks.

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Manglar de Cañas Tour

A unique mangrove in Panama and throughout Central America. A tour of the wetland home to countless species, such as crocodiles, monkeys, raccoons and much more.

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Turtle Watching Tour

A natural phenomenon that occurs every year: the spawning and birth of sea turtles. This is a species-friendly excursion, which is in danger of extinction.

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Pedasí Venao Beach Tour

Enjoy a whole day at the beach: swim in turquoise waters, snorkel among the coral reefs or just enjoy sunbathing.

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Eco Venao Trail Tour

A walk through the wild nature of Panama, its rivers and its waterfalls.

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There are so many things to do and see in Pedasí!

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